SEEDS - Certified Organic

We are big believers that eating organic vegetables, herbs and fruit is the key to long term health, and another step towards helping our environment. There are multiple reasons for switching to eating organic produce including not ingesting harmful chemicals and pesticides that are typically used in the production of commercially grown food, not eating genetically modified food, reducing pollution and protecting our water and soil from the chemical runoff from commercial food production, preserving agricultural diversity (commercial food production focuses on mono crops), and most importantly organic food is scientifically proven to be more nutritious, and just tastes better.

The best way to ensure that the produce you are feeding your family is organic is to grow your own vegetables, herbs and fruit from certified organic seeds. We have sourced a range of organic seeds from a select few certified organic seed growers here in Queensland. Our main supplier is Select Organic who is a Certified Organic seed grower located in Queensland’s Gold Coast Hinterland. Select Organic seeds are entirely certified organic (ACO 10457), and are non GMO.

Their aim is to grow old traditional, open pollinated, non-Hybrid, non-chemically treated, non-genetically engineered, varieties of vegetable and herb seed, preferably old Australian varieties and organically or bio-dynamically grown.

Seeds collected from organic plants are more hardy and will grow true to type. Once you have started growing from organic seeds, make sure you collect and save seeds produced by these organic plants for future use. Enjoy shopping from our range of Autumn/ Winter seeds below.

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