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What to Put in a Garden Journal

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Keeping a garden journal is a beautiful blend of art and science. It is a testament to your garden and a notebook of learning accomplished throughout your growing year. What you put into a journal makes it incredibly useful for years to come—creating a kind of almanac specific to your location. Tracking changes in your […]

Water, Water, Everywhere….

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Water in our gardens—how it works & why it’s importan Water is critical in our gardens. Of course! We know it is the source of all life on this planet. Nothing grows without water. Nothing thrives without adequate water. Adequate means both quantity of water and quality of water. As we move into the future, […]

Integrating Pest Management

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If you grow it, they will come. Pests. Problems of all kinds crop up in the garden. Beginning gardeners sometimes get discouraged by the loss of a crop. It happens to everyone somtime—and often more than once. Don get discouraged! There are some things you can do to ensure your success and lessen the likelihood […]

Harvest and Seed Saving Tips for a Fun Fall!

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Welcome February and the bounty of the summer garden! This is a wonderful time of year to share some of your prize veggies with your friends and brag a bit about your growing skills in the garden (pun intended). We know how to enjoy our harvest, but we often miss a secondary harvest that will […]


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Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Healthy People!  It’s true! The soil is a matrix of living organisms regulating the cycle and flow of nutrients. Its organisms interconnect and share both information and immune responses to pests and disease. When the soil is full of life, full of minerals, and packed with nutrients, the benefits […]