Whether you are a veteran gardener or a week-end warrior. The Bug Blaster ™ offers the safest and most effective non-toxic control for your garden pests. Imagine cleansing your green treasures with H2O. Novel as it is, this garden sprayer effectively controls aphids, whiteflies, mealy bugs, spider mites and more.

The Bug Blaster ™ is 100% environmentally safe and user-friendly. For those who refuse to use pesticides because they present a potential risk to children, pets and even to the plants they are supposedly protecting, the Bug Blaster ™ offers gardeners an inexpensive option.

“After only one application, The Bug Blaster ™ devastates the pests life cycle from egg to adult, “explains Bug Blaster inventor Patrick O’Donnell, a Licensed Landscape Contractor. “With only a few additional treatments, plants regain complete health.”


Water is sprayed with full pressure from your garden hose. The Patent Pending method and nozzle creates 360 degree wall of water which blasts the pests from undersides and tops of leaves also cleaning sooty mold and dirt which interferes with photosynthesis.

360 Degree Wall of Water


The Bug Blaster fatally traumatizes up to 70% of the adults and up to 100% of infant or larva stages. It also dislodges most eggs.

(This will vary depending on type of leaf Surface and pest species.)

After just one application you devastate the insects life cycle eliminating colony take-over. With a few more applications, plants regain complete health.

Patent Pending Method and Nozzle

According to Sunset Western Garden Book, aphids damage a wide variety of plants by piercing the leaves and stems, then sucking out plant juices. Mealy bugs and whiteflies attack both indoor and outdoor plants, and are troublesome in warm winter areas. They suck plant juices, causing stunting, and in some cases kill the plant.

Additionally, a study by the Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of California, Riverside, comparing several pesticides side by side indicated that the use of a strong stream of water directed to the undersides of infested leaves (syringing) “…performed as well or
better than chemical treatments.” The study recommends syringing at least once a week for high whitefly population, then once every two or three weeks as populations decrease. Sunset Western Garden Book also recommends hitting both sides of the leaves of infested plants.



Simply hook The Bug Blaster up to your garden hose, turn on the water and you are ready to go. For best results keep the spray vertical and with a sweeping motion, work the nozzle in and out of the shrub, concentrating the spray on the infected area of the plants. Control the water flow with the valve at the base of the handle. Restrict the flow for delicate plants and
just blast away on hardy plants and heavy infestations. The Bug Blaster also works great for cleaning plants of dust, dirt, spider webs and old or unhealthy leaves.

1) Spray infested plants every 3 to 5 days for 2 to 3 weeks.

2) Spray up wind or wear a raincoat for over-spray.

3) Spray plants that are susceptible to powdery mildew, black spot, or rust in the morning to give the plants a chance to dry out during the day.


The key to The Bug Blaster’s ™superior performance to any other spraying tool is it’s ability to work at the surface and into the center of your plants at any height hitting the underside of the leaves.

To reach over-head areas, simply rotate and lift from the ground up.

For delicate plants, restrict the flow; for hardy plants or heavy infestation, just blast away! The Bug Blaster ™ will annihilate only soft-bodied bugs. Strong environmentally helpful bugs such as lady-bugs remain unharmed.



Question: Does the Bug Blaster hurt beneficial insects?
Answer: No. Generally speaking beneficial insects tend to be larger and or hard shelled i.e., ladybugs, praying mantis etc.

Question:Will the force of the spray damage my plants?
Answer: No. This has not been a problem. However, if you have strong water pressure and use it on delicate plants, simply restrict the flow of water by adjusting the valve at the base of the Bug Blaster.

Question:Why can’t I spray my plants with an ordinary garden hose?
Answer: Yes, you can. However, it is very difficult if not impossible to hit all the surfaces of the leaves especially the undersides, where many of the bugs infest.

Question:Does the Bug Blaster waste water?
Answer: No! The Bug Blaster uses up to 60% less water than a standard spray gun and also drips down to water plants not adding pesticides to the soil.

Question:Can I apply a pesticide or fertilizer canister to the Bug Blaster?
Answer: No! Absolutely not. The Bug Blaster is not designed to be used with any type of pesticide or fertilizer. It is definitely not a safe practice.

Question:What happens to the bugs?
Answer:Generally speaking soft body insects are fatally traumatized from the force of the water. Established colonies of bad bugs consist of eggs, juveniles and adults. In some cases one blast eliminates all three stages. For heavy infestation use the Bug Blaster every 3-5 days for two weeks, this will devastate their life cycle.

Question:Will the bugs return after using the Bug Blaster?
Answer: Yes. As will they, if you use a pesticide. However, by using the Bug Blaster your plants are healthy and clean thus your plants are less likely to re-infest. Furthermore, the population of the beneficial bugs will remain.

Question:Why do I get wet when I use the Bug Blaster?
Answer:You must maintain the spray in a vertical pattern. Pay close attention to the direction of the spray as you rotate the wand from low to high.

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