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The Garden Tower enables anyone with or without prior gardening experience, or who may not have the space or land to plant a traditional veggie garden, to grow their own organic produce.

My name is Andrew Brisk (I am the Managing Director of Loft Trading Company Pty Ltd) and while recently living in San Diego, California I discovered a truly innovative way to grow fresh organic vegetables, herbs and fruit in my own back yard. To be honest I had never had much “luck” in growing anything in the past. I had tried to grow some tomatoes and herbs however I had very limited space, my soil was poor and my plants in containers always seemed under nourished and I hated using fertilizers.

I knew I wanted to be able to grow fresh, organic produce for my family as I was sick and tired of buying fruit and vegetables from supermarkets that went off in a few days, was ridiculously expensive depending on the season, and most importantly had very little taste. I would always wonder where and how this produce was grown. Had it been genetically modified? How far had it travelled to get to me? Had it been frozen before I purchased? How old was it?

I then discovered the Garden Tower and everything changed.

I carefully followed the set-up and planting instructions (I cheated by planting some 2-3 inch organic seedlings, not starting from seed), added my kitchen scraps to the vermicompost tube and a week later some red wriggler compost worms. I diligently watered my plants every few days (including adding back the compost tea my worms had help produce), and the results were honestly amazing. After 90 days or so I was eating an array of great tasting lettuces (4 different types), kale, cucumbers, peppers and capsicum, cherry tomatoes, peas, eggplant, thyme, oregano, rosemary and parsley. It was like having my own farmers market in my back yard AND I knew exactly what I was eating, where it had come from. The best part about it was the flavour of my produce was amazing.

Another very satisfying element of my journey with the Garden Tower is the involvement of my 14y.o. son Nicholas in planting and maintaining our Garden Tower vegetable garden along the way. He empties our kitchen scraps into the compost tube each day and is very proud of the vegetables he has helped grow. One memory I will always have is watching Nicholas absent mindedly pick a sugar pea off the vine and eat it raw while playing in the back yard. Priceless!

Everyone here at Loft Trading is very excited to bring you the Garden Tower and look forward to hearing about and sharing your stories and experiences growing fresh produce in your new Tower. Happy Growing!



This is a photo of my son Nicholas (who helped me plant the Garden Tower), and I and our newly planted Garden Tower.