500 Mixed Compost Worms


500 Mixed Compost Worms


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Product Description

We are delighted to have partnered with Worms Downunder, a large Worm Farm located in Palmwoods, in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland in QLD, to supply you direct with a mixture of approx. 500 healthy, happy compost worms.

Their mixed compost worms comprise Indian Blue Worms, Tiger Worms and Red Worms. In the mix you will also find capsules (worm eggs), hatchlings and young worms, as well as adults. They sell compost worms as a mixture of species as this promotes a competitive environment and stimulates breeding and food consumption. Your worms are harvested fresh on the day they are sent out. Worms are sent express post Australia-wide (except WA) and guarantee arrival in excellent condition. The safe bedding – a mix of eco-friendly coco-peat and vermicompost – allows the worms to live comfortably for prolonged periods during shipping. Worms Downunder have given a lot of consideration to their packaging and stationary. They have chosen products which are recycled and/or recyclable: the worm bags and boxes can all be fed to your worms, the post bags are recyclable and can be put in your recycling bin, our stationary is 100% recycled paper and can be shredded and fed to your worms. Ask if you are unsure of how to correctly deal with the packaging.

All worms are packed in biologically active and beneficial bedding, which will give your worm farm or Garden Tower a great start.

Re-housing your Worms

If you are not going to re-house your worms immediately, you can leave them in the bag in a cool place for a day or two. We recommend you establish them in their worm habitat as soon as possible. The worms may take a little time to get use to their new environment and you may find exploring the walls and lid. This is completely normal and they should settle in and get use to their new food supply.

Remember the golden rule and DON’T OVERFEED! A good rule of thumb: if there is about 10 to 20% of the last feed left over each time you feed, the worms will know there is enough food to keep breeding, but there will not be enough to become smelly and anaerobic.


Dolomite is an important additive for a healthy worm farm. Being an alkaline material it is effective at neutralizing acidic conditions in the worm farm that may arise from fruit and veggie scraps. The gritty consistency of dolomite also helps worms process food waste more quickly. Dolomite is a great way to fix magnesium into your soils via worm castings and vermiliquid. We also know that dolomite is an effective deterrent against many mites and other critters taking up residence in the worm farm in great numbers. Composition: 14% Calcium, 35% Calcium Carbonate, 8% Magnesium, 33% Magnesium Carbonate.


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